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Social Responsibility

To help raise awareness about the risks of drinking alcohol while pregnant, LCBO has partnered with the Best Start Resource Centre, a key program of Ontario’s leading bilingual health promotion organization Health Nexus. LCBO has assisted Best Start to expand distribution of existing educational resources and develop new materials for women who are pregnant or planning pregnancy. Here’s a summary of our work together to date:

LCBO assisted Best Start Resource Centre to produce a multi-year supply of Be Safe: Have an alcohol-free pregnancy brochure. These brochures, available in English and French, are available from Best Start at no cost to health promoters and other groups (save for shipping costs). The brochure is also available for customers at all LCBO stores across Ontario. The Be Safe campaign has also been promoted through LCBO’s popular consumer magazine, FOOD & DRINK (see ad at right), reaching over half a million readers per issue.

Most recently, LCBO and Best Start developed a unique prenatal education resource called Mocktails for Mom (see below). Available in English and French, this brochure features healthy pregnancy tips and a variety of delicious alcohol-free Mocktail recipes customized to meet prenatal nutrition requirements. It is available from Best Start Resource Centre at no cost (save shipping) to support local programs and events throughout Ontario. Health promoters and community groups may also borrow from Best Start Resource Centre Mocktails for Mom bilingual displays to help support local awareness and education events. Mocktails for Mom are available in all LCBO stores province-wide.

For more information about Best Start Resource Centre and to review, download or order materials, visit and


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