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“Deflate the Elephant” is LCBO’s current social responsibility advertising campaign that provides practical hosting tips and solutions to deal with guests planning to drive after drinking. Much like an elephant in a room, it’s a discussion that can’t be avoided as it could help save lives.

This holiday season, the “Deflate the Elephant” campaign is promoting responsible hosting and entertaining by launching a new TV commercial, online advertising campaign and a “Speak Up and Win” contest with Kia Canada.

• The new TV commercial airs on major Ontario networks throughout December, including New Year’s and encourages people to speak up to help prevent drinking and driving. Online ads will also promote responsible entertaining on popular websites and Facebook.

• New this year, LCBO is partnering with Kia Canada to promote the idea of planning ahead and celebrating designated drivers by launching the “Speak Up and Win” contest, where you could have the chance to win the use of a new 2014 Kia Rondo for one year. The contest runs until January 4, 2014. Enter at

• Visit for responsible hosting tips and ideas, more than 50 alcohol-free Mocktail recipes and the Home Bartending Challenge to learn proper pours. A new feature called “The Podium” invites visitors to share their ideas on responsible entertaining and build a community around the issue of preventing impaired driving.

• Customers will also be greeted by various display elements in LCBO stores asking them to help prevent drinking and driving by speaking up and encourage them to enter the “Speak Up and Win” contest.

Click here for a handy checklist that will help ensure that you’ve got what you need to be a responsible host.

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LCBO's previous social responsibility commercials asked audiences to consider why they wouldn't think twice about intervening to save a stranger from harm, but might hesitate to prevent someone they know from driving after drinking to avoid possible embarrassment.


Since 1995, the LCBO has used TV, radio, print, cinema, billboard ads and social media to bring our social responsibility messages to Ontario communities. Research has shown that public recall of these ad campaigns is high and that most respondents who've seen the ads would think twice about drinking and driving – and feel their family and friends would too.

The "Deflate the Elephant" campaign was launched in 2009 at the opening of LCBO’s King and Spadina store. TV commercials equip hosts with practical tips and solutions to deal with guests intending to drive after drinking.

To watch the video, click here.

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