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Social hosts may be sued and held liable when guests consume alcohol and then injure themselves or others. The information on this website is provided only for educational purposes in order to help increase the safety of guests and others and is not a substitute for legal advice. Please consult a lawyer to deal with specific situations.
Deflate the Elephant
Why take chances? Reduce the risks of alcohol-related problems when entertaining and help ensure guests arrive home safely by following these 10 tips for responsible hosting:
10 Don't plan physical activities when you serve alcohol. People are generally more prone to injury or mishap after drinking.
9 Always provide low-alcohol and alcohol-free beverages, such as Mocktails, non-alcoholic punch, pop, bottled water, tea and coffee.
8 Serve snacks with drinks and always have food available throughout the party to avoid drinking on an empty stomach. Avoid serving salty, sweet or greasy snack foods as guests will become thirstier. High-starch and protein foods such as meats, veggies, cheeses, light dips and breads are good choices.
7 Be prepared for overnight guests.
6 Serve drinks yourself or designate a bartender instead of having an open bar, as guests usually drink more when they serve themselves. Avoid serving doubles and keep a shot glass or jigger next to the bottles - good measurement makes all the difference.
5 Have a plan to deal with any guest who drinks too much. Before the party, ask someone reliable to help you keep things under control.
4 Find out how guests will be getting home from your party. Promote the use of designated drivers and keep cash and telephone numbers on hand for taxis. Encourage your guests to leave their cars at home and take public transportation, cabs, or walk. Never drink and drive or ride with anyone who has been drinking.
3 Stop serving alcoholic beverages at least an hour before the party is over. Bring out more alcohol-free drinks (bottled water, juice, coffee and tea) and food. Remember that having coffee after drinking doesn't make you sober.
2 Plan ahead so that it's easy to follow this advice.
and the number one party tip is...
1 Don't drink too much yourself. As the host, you can stay on top of, and avoid, potential problems when you can think more clearly and act more quickly.

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